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Audio Help

If you just heard Dr. Jones say hello to you, then your audio is working fine and you should proceed to the course pages. If not, please read on.

Unfortunately there are no standards for playing audio on the Internet. The audio for our courses has been tested to work with the following:

Windows Operating System using the following web browsers: Apple/MacIntosh Operating System: Mobile Devices

Standard Desktop, Laptop, Notebook Computers

If your audio doesn't work, try this first: If you see an audio control at the top of this page (directly under the AUDIO HELP heading) and you can see the slider bar moving (try replaying it) but don't hear anything, try these: If you see a box with an X in it at the top of this page and don't hear anything, then your web browser is missing a media player. Try these: Call us for help if you still don't have audio.

Mobile Devices