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Certificate Instructions

Certificates Mailboxes: We will create your mailbox the first time we create certificates for you.
This means if this is the first time you have used our service you won't be able to log-in until we create your mailbox and certificates.

404 not found: Receiving a 404 error code when trying to access your mailbox indicates we have not created your certificate mailbox yet.

Certificate Availability: All certificates will be available the next business day by 6 PM.
If you take a course on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday your certificates will be posted by 6 PM Monday.

Printing Certificates: Click on the name of the certificate - not any of the icons - to open it. You may now save it to your computer or print it.

AARC: We send the user logs to the AARC on a monthly basis, usually within the first 10 days of the following month.

CE Broker: For Florida practitioners we submit your information to CE Broker the same day we create your certificates.

Certificate Accounts & Passwords

To access your mailbox please follow these directions and enter your information in lower case letters.

Your Account Name is: lastname_firstname

Then press the GO button. Note: To type an underscore hold the SHIFT key down and press the HYPHEN key. The hyphen is the same the minus key. On a standard QWERTY keyboard the HYPHEN (minus) key is at the top of the keyboard to the right of the zero key. (shift)(-)

Click here to see a picture of how to enter an underscore.

A User Name and Password box will pop up. Your User Name is the same as your account name: lastname_firstname

Your Password is your 5-digit zip code.


John Smith lives in the 76137 zip code.

Account Name: smith_john

User Name: smith_john

Password: 76137

Hyphens are removed, so smith-jones becomes smithjones.

We have to weigh privacy vs. usability. While our password system is convenient for you and your employer, we will change your password upon request. Anyone who knows your first name, last name, and zip code will be able to view and download copies of these certificates.

Most certificates will remain in your folder. For users who have a large volume of certificates from previous years, some may be archieved. Please contact us if you need a certificate from a previous year and it is not available.

Want to change your password? Click Here