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Step 1: If you want CE credit you must register and pay for the lecture. Please pay either the same day you take courses or at the very latest by the morning of the next business day. If you pay after the next business day you need to contact us and let us know that you are paying for courses that were taken in the past. We can find the information, but won't automatically look for it. The user logs are sent to the AARC the first week of the following month. Once the AARC logs are sent we can no longer issue CE credits for that month. The Lung Protective Strategies course may be taken free of charge.

Step 2: There is no password requirement.

Step 3: Be sure your Internet browser software is up to date. If you haven't updated it lately you might have security issues and won't be able to log-in to the classroom.

Step 4: Sign-in anytime, however you can only interact with our experts or receive credit during the posted hours our content experts are available. You do this by selecting date on the calendar below. All sign-ins from other times will be deleted.

Step 5: Select "Click Here" on the correct date. This takes you to the list of available topics for that specific content expert.

Step 6: Select the topic of your choice and download a handout if you wish to do so. Each presentation opens as a new browser window or browser tab (you may need to disable your pop-up blocker). The first screen is a sign-in sheet - you must fill in all 3 fields. If you don't have an email address enter "None". If you don't have an AARC number enter "000000".

Step 7: Once you have entered a presentation classroom the audio will start automatically. Once the audio finishes for each slide, click the gray right arrow button to proceed to the next slide. Please use the Audio Help and Audio Test section is you can't hear the instructor.

Step 8: Once in the classroom, you may ask a question by either clicking the "Email" button on the left of the slide (over the RAT graphic) or call the toll-free number listed above the slide. Our content experts are available only during posted times. Please direct all technical questions, such as audio or website issues, payments, or certificates to our home office. Phone numbers are at the top of this page and email addresses are available on the Contact Us page accessed via the drop-down menu above.

Step 9: At the conclusion of the lecture you will come to a page titled End of Presentation. There you will find a blue button that links to the Evaluation Form - click it. You must fill out the evaluation form to receive credit.

Step 10: Once the evaluation is submitted, close that browser window. Then close the window for the presentation you just completed. This will take you back to where you originally selected the course.

Step 11: Once we have received your evaluation form and payment we will verify your attendance during the specific times. We will also verify you spent a sufficient amount of time in the course to attend it as designed. You must listen to all of the audio. We will then upload your certificates to your folder on our website. Click on the GET CERTIFICATES navigation item to download them. Your certificates will be created and uploaded by 6 PM the next business day. For lectures that take place on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, certificates will be created on Monday. If Monday is a holiday, certificates will be created Tuesday.

Do you want to check things out prior to class? You may enter our classrooms and go through the material when our content experts are not available, but you will not be able to receive credit.